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Thank you for being interested in becoming an authorized PENTARM POOLS dealer. PENTARM POOLS is establishing the largest network of fiberglass pool dealers in Canada. We consider dealers as our partners and ensure the delivery of high-quality products and second-to-none services. Our goal is to help you grow as a dealer and create extraordinary moments for your clients. Our success is a direct result of our dealers’ success. As a result, in addition to a solid range of value-packed product lines, we provide the best programs and profit margins to guarantee your growth and success.

Become a Dealer

Thank you for being interested in becoming an authorized PENTARM POOLS dealer. We consider dealers as our partners and ensure high-quality products and second-to-none services. 



We are the Canada-wide exclusive distributor of the world’s largest fiberglass pool manufacturer, iGUi pools. PENTARM POOLS is a subsidiary company of PENTARM GROUP, the leading customer-centric construction holding in Canada. With over 40 years of professional experience, working with thousands of customers and industry professionals, we are now developing the largest and strongest dealer network of fiberglass swimming pools in Canada.
Pentarm Pools

Guaranteed Fastest Delivery Time

With 42 strategically located factories producing over 35,000 fiberglass pools a year, our dealer would never experience any shortages and always receive their products as promised.

Multiple factories in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, the United States and Portugal, ensure that you would receive the pools on time no matter where you are. We have streamlined our ordering process by automating production and are striving for seamless integration between ordering and production.

Currently, we are able to offer a standard delivery time of less than ten weeks with expedited options available. We offer the best lead time for a non-stocked item in the pool industry.

Multiple Distribution Centers Across Canada

We have multiple provincial distribution centers to reduce freight costs and enhance immediate sales opportunities across all Canadian provinces. Our dealers have exclusive access to all these locations to check the fiberglass pools, get support and initiate sales. 

The distribution centers are selected and designed to maximize efficiency in ordering processing, inventory management, storage, and distribution of the pools. Most importantly, it assures dealers and their customers of a stress-free, fast and smooth process when they place their orders.

Sales and Marketing

Our dealers would have access to a variety of great tools, training and programs that would help them grow their businesses exponentially. Our success is our dealers’ success. It is important for us to help all PENTARM POOLS authorized dealers to excel.

We have a professional team ready to support the dealers with their traditional, inbound, outbound, and digital marketing. PENTARM POOLS dealers can significantly grow their customer base and reputation through multiple marketing supports, including sales and product expertise, web development and optimization, content creation, traditional marketing (flyers & brochures), digital marketing and etc.

Lead Generation

Our professional and robust marketing team with decades of experience is able to generate leads for the dealers through different marketing channels and help them improve their own advertisements, social media campaigns and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PENTARM POOLS is not active in the business-to-consumer (B2C) side of the pool industry, making it more attractive for dealers than any other company. All B2C requests will be sent to the closest PENTARM POOLS dealer. Therefore, expect many high-quality leads for your business through our marketing efforts.

Technical Support

All PENTARM POOLS dealers will have access to different training programs to ensure a smooth process from the point of sales to installation of fiberglass pools to after-sales support. All new dealers will receive technical training from PENTARM POOLS and will have the opportunity to attend exhibitions, seminars and training events to stay up to do date with the industry’s latest technology, products and trends.

Our 24/7 technical and customer service support is through knowledge bases, live chat, email, video conference and phone calls. The goal is to help solve technical problems such as installation difficulties, ordering issues through the dealer portal, and other potential technical issues that may negatively impact the customer experience.

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