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Pool Program

North America’s First & Strongest Pool Program for Construction Pros
The Construction PRO Pool Program is open to licensed and registered home builders, architects, realtors, general contractors, and other qualified professionals in the construction industry. To become a PRO Member, applicants must complete the provided application form accurately and truthfully, providing all required business information and documentation. Applications will be reviewed by PENTARM POOLS, and successful applicants will be granted access to this exclusive program.

Who is Eligible to Join Our Construction PRO Program?

PRO Members
Exclusive Benefits

Access to Inventory:

PRO Members will have access to the strongest inventory of fiberglass swimming pools across Canada.

Exclusive Pricing:

PRO Members will be eligible for special pricing on both fiberglass pool shells and installation providing them with a competitive advantage in the market.

Installation Flexibility:

Opt for Full Installation and witness flawless poolscapes crafted by industry experts. Alternatively, choose Assisted Installation to collaborate with our Authorized Dealers.

Reputation Enhancement:

Associating with PENTARM POOLS enhances your reputation and credibility within the pool building industry. Be recognized as a top choice for discerning clients seeking excellence in poolscapes.

Access to Authorized Dealers:

Connect and collaborate with our network of Authorized Dealers spanning across the country. Expand your reach and collaborate with the best in the industry.

Warranty Protection:

The manufacturer’s warranty is valid when installed or supervised by our Authorized Dealers. Offer your clients the confidence of a reliable warranty for their pool projects.

How to Become a PRO?

Review the Program and Requirements:

Please review the program and its requirements. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to give us a call at (416) 856-7281.
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PRO Members
Installation Options

In the Full Installation option, one of our Authorized Dealers will handle the entire pool installation process. This option is perfect for builders seeking convenience and peace of mind, as our trusted professionals will expertly execute the installation from start to finish. Builders can focus on other aspects of their projects while ensuring a seamless pool installation with the highest quality standards.

Benefits of Full Installation:

  • Expertly executed installations with attention to detail.
  • Time-saving as authorized dealers manage the entire installation process.
  • Dedicated support from our experienced professionals throughout the installation journey.
  • Opportunity to offer clients a complete pool construction service, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Assisted Installation option is ideal for builders who wish to be more hands-on during the installation process. With this option, one of our authorized dealers will supervise the pool installation while providing guidance and assistance to builders. Assisted Installation allows builders to actively participate in the process, gain valuable experience, and enhance their pool construction skills.


Benefits of Assisted Installation:

  • Professional supervision by our authorized dealers.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and learn best practices from experts.
  • On-site support during the installation process.

PRO Members
Exclusive Resources

Guaranteed Fastest
Delivery Time

With 42 strategically located factories producing over 35,000 fiberglass pools every year, our dealers would never experience any shortages and always receive their products as promised.

Multiple Distribution Centers
Across Canada

Our provincial distribution centers in Canada cut costs, boost sales, and offer dealers exclusive access for easy ordering.

Exclusive PRO Members
Portal Access

Our dealer portal offers PRO Members exclusive resources, streamlining pool ordering, marketing, and customization for increased competitiveness.

Direct Supplier Contact

PENTARM's customer-centric approach generates thousands of pre-qualified leads annually, prioritizing prompt follow-up and exceptional service for homeowners' needs.

Sales & Marketing

PENTARM POOLS offers PRO Members unparalleled sales and marketing support, empowering them to grow their businesses exponentially.

Technical Support

PENTARM POOLS provides PRO Members with extensive training, support, and prompt assistance for technical issues.

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