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Pool Program

North America’s First & Strongest Pool Program for Construction PROs

The Construction PRO Pool Program is open to licensed and registered home builders, architects, realtors, general contractors, and other qualified professionals in the construction industry. To become a PRO Member, applicants must complete the provided application form accurately and truthfully, providing all required business information and documentation. Applications will be reviewed by PENTARM POOLS, and successful applicants will be granted access to this exclusive program.

Who is Eligible to Join Our Construction PRO Program?

Custom Home Builders

Companies and individuals who are building houses with the intention of standing out within the market with the highest ROI and fastest timeline.

Architects & Designers

Creative professionals seeking stunning fiberglass pools,  detailed specs and swift installation to integrate with architectural blueprints.

General Contractors & Renovators

Efficiency-focused professionals who value streamlined processes and durability. Individuals valuing easy installation and long-lasting quality in their projects.

Condominium Developers

Developers working to maximize both property appeal and profitability. Looking to add value to developments and attract upscale buyers.

Land Developers

For the first time in the industry, land developers can directly work with the fiberglass pool supplier. Learn more about PENTARM POOLS Construction PRO Pool Program!

Professionals maximizing land potential and profitability. Enhancing property marketability and attracting buyers seeking enhanced lifestyles.


Marketers prioritizing features that boost property value. Looking to differentiate listings and attract buyers seeking outdoor living spaces.

How to Become a PRO?

Review the Program and Requirements:

Please review the program and its requirements. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to give us a call at (416) 856-7281.
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Apply For the Program and Create a PRO Account

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Complete the Construction PRO Application, and send it to Our team will carefully review your application to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Unlock Exclusive Access

Congratulations! Upon approval, you’ll gain access to your personalized PRO Account.

2024 Catalogue

PRO Members
Installation Options

The Assisted Installation option is specifically designed for PRO Members who seek a collaborative approach to the pool installation process. This option is perfect for those who possess a foundational understanding of construction or pool installation but still value the expertise and reassurance that comes from professional guidance. With Assisted Installation, you have the unique opportunity to work alongside one of our authorized dealers, benefiting from their supervision and insight while retaining an active role in the installation of your fiberglass pool.

Benefits of Assisted Installation:

Expert Supervision: Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our authorized dealers, who will oversee the critical aspects of your pool installation.

Hands-On Learning: Engage directly in the installation process, allowing you to gain practical experience and broaden your construction skills under professional guidance.

Guidance and Support: Receive essential advice and solutions throughout the installation, ensuring the project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

The Full Installation option is an all-inclusive service designed for PRO Members who prefer a flawless solution. This option is ideal for those who value expertise and efficiency above all else, allowing our Authorized Dealers to manage the entire installation of the fiberglass pool. With this comprehensive option, PRO Members can invest their time and resources into other project areas, comfortable in the knowledge that the pool installation is being handled professionally and promptly.

Benefits of Full Installation:

Complete Professional Management: Trust in our Authorized Dealers to oversee every aspect of the pool installation, ensuring a flawless execution that meets all industry standards.

Time Efficiency: Save valuable time as our expert authorized dealers manage the entire process from groundwork to final touches, allowing for faster project completion.

Stress-Free Experience: Avoid the complexities and potential stress of the installation process. Our experienced professionals will take care of it all, from planning to execution.

Guaranteed Quality: Rest assured that your pool installation is in the hands of skilled professionals who are committed to delivering superior quality and durability.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Provide your clients with the reassurance that their pool is installed by certified professionals, thereby elevating their overall satisfaction with your services.

The Self Installation option is tailored for PRO Members who are confident in their ability to take on a hands-on project with autonomy. This choice is best suited for those who have experience in construction or pool installation and are comfortable managing the installation process from start to finish. By selecting the Self Installation route, PRO Members accept full responsibility for the installation of their fiberglass pool, adhering strictly to the guidelines set forth in the provided installation manual.

Benefits of Self Installation:

Complete Control: As a PRO Member, you oversee every aspect of your pool installation, making critical decisions and executing the project according to your schedule and specifications.

Cost Efficiency: Save on installation costs by leveraging your own skills and resources to complete the installation without the need for professional assistance.

Skill Enhancement: Improve your DIY proficiency and construction skills through a rigorous, rewarding process, expanding your capabilities for future projects.

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PENTARM POOLS is the leading distributor of fiberglass pools in Canada, proudly featuring the largest network of authorized dealers and pool installers throughout North America. We are the exclusive distributor of iGUi Pools, the world’s largest fiberglass pool manufacturer, and our reach extends to over 52 countries around the globe.

Uncomprising Product Quality

At PENTARM POOLS, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the highest level of product quality. This is exemplified by our exclusive representation of the world's largest fiberglass pool manufacturer, a distinction marked by ICC Accreditation.


Guaranteed Delivery Dates, Every Time

We understand the importance of timelines, which is why we stand by our promise of guaranteed delivery dates. When you choose us, you can trust that your pool will be delivered as promised, without unnecessary delays.


Exceptional Customer Service, Always

Exceptional customer service is at the core of our values. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations, and our team is always here to assist you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.


Unmatched Support, Your Success

We don't just provide products; we offer unwavering support. When you partner with PENTARM POOLS, you gain access to unparalleled assistance and resources to ensure your project's success. Your success is our success, and we're with you every step of the way.

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PRO Members
Exclusive Resources

Guaranteed Fastest
Delivery Time

With 42 strategically located factories producing over 35,000 fiberglass pools every year, our dealers would never experience any shortages and always receive their products as promised.

Multiple Distribution Centers
Across Canada

Our provincial distribution centers in Canada cut costs, boost sales, and offer dealers exclusive access for easy ordering.


Exclusive PRO Members
Portal Access

Our dealer portal offers PRO Members exclusive resources, streamlining pool ordering, marketing, and customization for increased competitiveness.

Direct Supplier Contact

PENTARM's customer-centric approach generates thousands of pre-qualified leads annually, prioritizing prompt follow-up and exceptional service for homeowners' needs.

Sales & Marketing

PENTARM POOLS offers PRO Members unparalleled sales and marketing support, empowering them to grow their businesses exponentially.

Technical Support

PENTARM POOLS provides PRO Members with extensive training, support, and prompt assistance for technical issues.

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