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How Much is My Fiberglass Pool Really Going to Cost?

Are you wondering how much a fiberglass pool will really cost? Learn more about the factors that will determine the price range. 

Fiberglass pool is an extremely durable addition to a home. It is not susceptible to the same kinds of damage that other types of pools are.


Plus, a fiberglass swimming pool is very low maintenance. They don’t require the same kind of constant care and attention that other pools do. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it.


Apart from that, fiberglass pools are also much safer than other types of pools. They don’t have the same sharp edges or corners that other pools do, so there’s less risk of injury. And, because they’re made out of a non-porous material, there’s minimal risk of bacteria or other contaminants getting into the water.


fiberglass swimming pool has lots of benefits and remains functional for a long time. However, so many features doesn’t mean fiberglass is a costly investment. 


The cost of a fiberglass pool is an essential component of its overall value proposition, as it serves to both inform the purchasing decision and represent the investment being made.


It is, therefore, of great importance that potential purchasers are aware of the costs associated with investing in a fiberglass pool, as these will have a direct bearing on the return on that investment. Additionally, understanding the features that come with different price points provides insight into how to best leverage the available resources to achieve desired outcomes.


So, How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

The Cost of Fiberglass Pools in Canada

The cost associated with a fiberglass pool is dependent on several variables, not just one factor. These factors include the quality of the product, the brand from which it is sourced, availability, transport and delivery costs, the expertise of the installer, project scope and etc.

The price of a fiberglass pool is also variable depending on any additional features or accessories that are included in the package. 


In addition, local market conditions can have an impact on price, as can seasonal availability and demand for certain sizes, models and brands. Local market conditions, including economic, cultural and political factors, can have a direct influence on the cost of production, leading to price fluctuation of the fiberglass pool itself. 


In general, a fiberglass pool may cost you between $30,000 and $85,000.


Let’s get into things that impact the price of fiberglass pool for your project!

Factors That Affects the Price of a Fiberglass Pool

When it comes to pricing a fiberglass pool, there are several factors that will affect the bottom line. Here is a look at some of the most common considerations that will impact the cost of a fiberglass pool:


The size of a swimming pool is a determinant in the cost associated with production, transportation, and installation. A larger pool will usually require additional excavation, materials and time to complete, thus resulting in an increase in expense. It stands to reason that there is a direct correlation between the magnitude of the pool and its overall price. Consequently, individuals should anticipate increased transportation expenses if they opt for a pool that is over 14’-15’.

Shape & Collection:


The shape of the pool can also impact the price. Some collections and fiberglass pool shapes are more expensive to fabricate than others. We offer a range of fiberglass pools – ranging from rectangle inground pools to Mosaic fiberglass swimming pools to fiberglass pools with a built-in spa and etc. Among all fiberglass pool manufacturing brands, certain shapes and styles are more costly than others. The shape directly impacts the scope of labour and materials necessary to complete the pool installation/construction. 


Waterline Tiles


Fiberglass pools with porcelain waterline tiles are a more expensive option than those without them due to the increased cost of production based on the mold, labour and materials. Porcelain waterline tiles are particularly costly, as they must meet certain criteria in terms of durability and aesthetics. 




The price of a pool is also subject to the type, brand, quality and capacity of the equipment utilized. Pool companies typically provide customers with a few options of equipment packages, ranging from the most basic to more upgraded and automated options. Some of the upgrades may be a salt generator, UV sanitizer and ozone generator, higher capacity heater/pump and etc.




The number and variety of features that are included in the pool can have a direct bearing on the eventual cost of the project. These features may include but are not limited to, options such as hydrotherapy jets, pool automation, waterfalls, lighting upgrades, automatic covers, surrounding landscaping and any additional amenities


Side Access.


 Side access can be an integral factor in the overall cost of a pool project due to the materials, machinery and equipment that have to pass into the backyard for excavation and installation of the pool. The same is true for the removal of the excavated material from the property. 



The installation of a fiberglass pool typically involves craning the pool shell over the house. Factors such as nearby wires or trees can disrupt this process and contribute to potential increases in cost, primarily due to the need for specialized equipment and larger cranes to facilitate its passage (if possible).


Pool Surround


The selection of finishing materials for the pool surround also impacts the total cost of the project. This is due to the fact that different materials may necessitate additional labour and/or require more expensive components. This includes, but is not limited to, coping, decks, interlocks, furniture, pavilion, built-in fireplace and etc. 


Installation Location


The installation location of a pool is a key factor in determining its price. Outdoor pools are typically less expensive than indoor alternatives due to their lower degree of complexity and fewer associated installation and maintenance requirements. The cost of an indoor pool differs depending on how and where it would be exactly installed and whether it would require additional structural reinforcement and climate control provisions, among other things.


These are just a few of the factors that can affect the price of a fiberglass pool. When you’re ready to get an estimate for your pool, be sure to ask about all of these factors so you can get an accurate price from your pool contractor/installer. 

Different Types of Fiberglass Pools

As of now, you may have understood that fiberglass pools are of different types, and they may have different price tags. To help you learn more, we have created a guide on different types of fiberglass pools to help you figure out what type of pool you need.

Mosaic Fiberglass Pools

Mosaic fiberglass pools represent a new generation of luxurious pool designs, featuring highly advanced reinforced technology that facilitates the integration of porcelain waterline tiles. 

This combination of materials provides a unique aesthetic appeal to the design, as well as improved structural integrity and sturdiness. Mosaic fiberglass pools are a luxurious, aesthetically-pleasing option for both indoor and outdoor pool installations.

Rectangular Fiberglass Pools

Mosaic Fiberglass Pools are inground fiberglass pools made out of fiberglass. They are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are easy to maintain and they last a long time. Mosaic Fiberglass Pools are also a good choice for people who live in areas where the weather is warm all year round.

These pools are also a good choice for people who live in areas where the weather is warm all year round. These pools can be used in the winter months when it is too cold to swim in a traditional pool.

Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Pools

Tanning ledges are a great addition as they provide a place to relax and enjoy the sun without having to swim. They are also a great place for children to play and for adults to socialize. Tanning ledges can be used to create a private oasis within the pool or to add to the pool’s aesthetic appeal.

Built-in Spa Fiberglass Pools

Built-in spa fiberglass pools offer an optimal balance of leisure and aquatic exercise. The combination of a swimming pool and hot tub in one unit provides users with the opportunity to partake in both vigorous physical activity, such as swimming laps, as well as passive relaxation through the use of the hydrotherapy spa jets. Such fiberglass pools with integrated spas are often ideal for all properties, since they make it possible to enjoy two distinct activities in a single area.

Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

Hawaiian fiberglass pools are a great investment for any homeowner looking to add a unique touch to their backyard. The oval shape allows for a more efficient use of space, and the bench gives users the opportunity to sit back and relax while enjoying the pool. Furthermore, its stunning design is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any outdoor living area.

Roman Fiberglass Pools

Roman fiberglass pools are an exemplary choice for a swimming pool due to their unique aesthetic appeal. The distinct classic roman entrance is the foremost element of the design, which creates a sensorial experience of grandeur and importance. This entrance can be configured with a range of colours and textures to complement the overall landscape or design scheme. The seating area of a Roman fiberglass pool is an excellent feature which allows swimmers to enjoy the pool in a more leisurely manner.

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