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Fiberglass Pool Fast Installation

Is Your Property Ready for a Pool? Installation Takes Less than a Week!

If you’re looking for a new swimming pool and don’t want to wait weeks to months for it to be installed, a fiberglass swimming pool is an option that you will love.

A concrete pool can take between 8 to 12 weeks to be built depending on the size, details and finish of the pool in addition to the landscaping around it.

A vinyl liner pool takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to be built. It is faster than a concrete pool but still way more timely to build than a fiberglass pool.

Professional pool installers and authorized dealers can install a fiberglass pool and make it swim-ready in 2 to 4 days, depending on its size and access to the property

Pool Construction Time Comparison

NOTE: The above timeframes do not include the time and process involved in obtaining the necessary pool permit. The required time in obtaining a pool permit varies depending on the location of the property, traffic of applications, completeness of the documents, and etc. Some areas may not even require a pool permit. The typical pool permit application in Canada is processed between 2 weeks to 2.5 months.

It is important for house owners to know that the pool permit applications can be submitted year-round, making it possible to install the pool immediately in the spring season if applied in late fall or throughout the winter.

A Fiberglass pool is an answer to house owners that want to enjoy the beauty and fun of their swimming pools as fast as possible. However, it is important to emphasize that although fiberglass inground pool installation only takes 2 to 4 days, the performance of the pool, its durability and longevity would be better than a vinyl liner or concrete pool.
Although fiberglass pool installation is fast and may seem easy, it is essential for house owners not to underestimate the value of the pool installers as it requires experience, extensive training and professionalism for a company to install a fiberglass pool properly.

The fiberglass pool shell itself is pre-fabricated at manufacturing facilities and goes through various quality control inspection checkpoints to the point that it gets delivered to our distribution centers. Then, the pool is prepared and gets ready for delivery.
Fiberglass swimming pool installation may seem difficult and challenging for the majority of people. However, our authorized dealers make the installation look easy because of their experience and knowledge of installing fiberglass pools in properties with different situations.

In case you are interested in the basic and important steps that are involved in the installation of a fiberglass pool, review the following:

Pool Layout

Although this may sound simple, it is a vital step that many pool builders and contractors do not follow, making it difficult and costly throughout the project. These initial steps basically ensure that the pool measurements are accurately laid out on the installation point. Pool builders and installers should refer to the dig sheet provided by the manufacturer so that the measurements are accurate to that specific model. The customer has to be involved in this process with the pool installer and the landscaper so that they can plan out everything before the excavation starts. After everything is confirmed, the pool installer will be able to mark the location of the swimming pool in the property.


It is important to ensure that the permit is obtained prior to the excavation. It is also equally important to ensure that your pool will be delivered on time so that your backyard will not be left in excavated condition for a long period of time.

At this stage, the installer will use the dig sheet to check the level of the hole while the pool layout is being excavated when excavators and backhoes remove the grass and soil. The length, width, and depth are specified on the dig sheet provided by the manufacturer. According to these specifications, the pool contractor digs the pool with a sufficient overdig to accommodate the required plumbing and accessories.

Setting the Base

After the excavation is done, a layer of HPB is spread out on the ground to serve as the pool’s base. In order to make the screeding operation straightforward, screed bars are set up to ensure the base is levelled. After that, the HPB is compacted to make sure the base is smooth and levelled.

Pool Delivery, Lifting & Placement

Your fiberglass pool is delivered by trucks with flatbeds. The pool shell would be inspected by the dealer when the pool gets to your property. Then, a crane is, in most cases, used to lift the pool into its place. However, this may vary depending on your access and the size and weight of the pool. The crane company will work alongside your pool installer to assess the ideal access plan or pathway before lifting the pool. As the pool is lowered to the excavated hole, it is important that the levels are checked continuously to ensure that the pool is secure in its accurate place and would be ready for plumbing and backfilling.

Plumbing & Backfilling

The installation of a skimmer box, return fittings, and drains are the fundamental components of the pool’s plumbing system. These components are connected to the pump and filter through PVC pipe. In Canada, we also highly suggest the installation of a hydrostatic pressure release and groundwater access line. The installation of the pump, filter, and optional salt system follows those procedures. HPB is the common backfill material in North America, just like the base. In order to guarantee equal pressure and stability on both sides of the fibreglass walls, the pool will be backfilled while it is also being filled with water.

Reinforcement & Bond Beam

Re-enforcing rebar is connected to the pool’s edge for strength once it has been backfilled. A mechanical lock is made by pouring concrete around the perimeter that is roughly 8″ thick after the rebar has been bonded/grounded. The footing/bond beam strengthens the pool considerably and provides support for the coping finish, which is the next step.

Pool Coping & Deck

Many pool contractors and pool dealers attach pavers, such as travertine, to the top of the pool and bond beam to beautify the appearance of the pool. The decking, along with any landscaping and fence, is completed after the paver coping is installed.
Now that your inground fiberglass swimming pool is fully installed, your dealer will check to make sure the area is clean so that it is ready for you to jump into the pool and create unforgettable memories.

NOTE: Ensure that the dealer explains the use and care manual and fundamental basics of maintaining a fiberglass pool so that you would not damage the pool by lack of care. For example, they should explain to you that the water of the pool should never be emptied without proper support in place by a professional as it can crack the fiberglass shell. Or, chlorine should not be over-applied as it can damage the gel coat of the pool.

Final Note

A fiberglass pool is the fastest inground swimming pool option when it comes to speed of installation. The pool can be installed within 2 to 4 days after the permit is obtained. This time does not include the landscaping work around the pool. It is crucial only to purchase your fiberglass pool through professional pool companies and authorized dealers, as although the installation may seem easy, it still requires experience and knowledge. As Canada’s leading fiberglass pool dealer network, our authorized dealers can help Canadians across the country with all their fiberglass pool needs. If you are planning on installing a fiberglass pool, click here and get connected to our closest authorized dealer.

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