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In the heart of Ontario, where Toronto shines as a diverse city, there’s a smart way to make the most of your backyard for the greater part of the year: fiberglass pools. These durable pools are built to withstand the fluctuating temperatures of Toronto’s climate, making them a versatile option for many homeowners. Whether you’re living in a small townhouse, a custom house or a spacious suburban home, a fiberglass pool can be a great addition.

Toronto is a dynamic city home to a variety of residences, from small townhouses to luxury custom houses and expansive suburban estates. A common thread among these homes is the pursuit of outdoor enjoyment. Fiberglass pools answer that call—they transform your backyard into an inviting retreat, providing a haven of relaxation regardless of the season. They’re more than just pools; they’re a key to enhancing Toronto’s outdoor living, offering everyone a private escape.

No matter where you are in the city, whether it’s in the bustling Downtown core, the affluent Forest Hill, the scenic Richmond Hill, or the diverse North York, having a small swimming pool elevates the notion of fun and luxury in your outdoor space. Embrace the chance to revolutionize your Toronto residence with a stunning fiberglass pool from PENTARM POOLS – Canada’s largest distributor of fiberglass pools.

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Exclusive Fiberglass Swimming Pools


Wеathеr-Proof Durability

Our fiberglass pools arе engineered to thrivе in various wеathеr conditions, standing strong against UV rays, humidity, and typical pool chеmicals. This rеsiliеncе guarantees thе pool’s longevity and еnduring bеauty.

Savings in Time and Money

Choosing our rectangular fiberglass swimming pools not only means enjoying more leisure time but also saving on maintenance costs. The smooth surface resists algae buildup, reducing the need for frequent scrubbing and the use of harsh chemicals.

Unmatched Luxury Customization

As the exclusive provider in North America, we offer patented, luxurious tiled fiberglass pools, a feature that sets us apart. Our waterline-tiled pools are celebrated nationwide for their exceptional return on investment and unmatched aesthetics.

Tailored to Every Backyard

Our extensive collection is designed to accommodate any outdoor space. No matter the size or shape of your yard, PENTARM POOLS has a fiberglass swimming pool that fits perfectly. Our diverse range ensures there’s a pool to suit the unique requirements of every backyard.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Benefits

Fiberglass pools have the fastest installation process in comparison to all other pool types. Unlike traditional concrete pools and vinyl-liner pools that can take several weeks to months to complete, a fiberglass pool can often be installed in 3 to 5 days. Homeowners appreciate the quick installation, minimizing the disruption to their daily lives and allowing them to enjoy their new backyard feature in no time.
The installation of a fiberglass pool is not only quick but also less labour-intensive compared to other types of pools. The prefabricated shell eliminates the need for the extra steps of dealing with concrete, liners, and steel kits. As a result, there’s less room for human error, and the process is streamlined, which means fewer complications and a predictable installation timeline. This ease of installation also often translates to reduced labour costs, making fiberglass pools a cost-effective option for many homeowners. This is especially true with our flat-bottom fiberglass pools, as the base preparation is even more straightforward.
With fiberglass pools, quality control and consistency are integral parts of the manufacturing process. Each of our fiberglass pool shells is fabricated in a controlled factory environment using precise molds, ensuring uniformity in design and structure. This controlled production results in a consistently high-quality product with fewer imperfections than those that can occur with handcrafted pool construction methods. As such, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that the quality of their pool is assured even before it arrives at their doorstep. PENTARM POOLS exclusively represents the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pools, iGUi Pools, following the highest international standards of manufacturing principles.
One of the most appealing benefits of fiberglass swimming pools is their low maintenance requirements. The non-porous, gel-coated surface of a fiberglass pool minimizes algae growth and requires fewer chemicals to maintain a clean and safe swimming environment. The durability of the fiberglass material also means that it is less susceptible to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent repairs. These factors contribute to more time enjoying the pool and less time (and money) spent on upkeep.
Our fiberglass pools align with a growing demand for sustainable living solutions. They are produced using significantly less energy than traditional types of pools and require fewer chemicals to maintain, both of which contribute to a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, the longevity of fiberglass pools means that they don’t need to be resurfaced or replaced as often as other types, reducing waste and the use of construction materials over time. This sustainable aspect is increasingly important to environmentally conscious homeowners.
A well-chosen and properly installed fiberglass pool can offer significant returns on investment in comparison to other pool types. Not only does it provide immediate benefits in terms of enjoyment and aesthetic appeal, but it also enhances the overall value of the property. Potential buyers often view a low-maintenance, luxurious and durable pool as a desirable feature, which can be a persuasive selling point. The longevity and timeless design of a fiberglass pool ensure that it remains an asset rather than a liability over the years, promising a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Our Differentiating Promises


Uncomprising Product Quality

At PENTARM POOLS, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the highest level of product quality. This is exemplified by our exclusive representation of the world's largest fiberglass pool manufacturer, a distinction marked by ICC Accreditation.


Guaranteed Delivery Dates, Every Time

We understand the importance of timelines, which is why we stand by our promise of guaranteed delivery dates. When you choose us, you can trust that your pool will be delivered as promised, without unnecessary delays.

Exceptional Customer Service, Always

Exceptional customer service is at the core of our values. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations, and our team is always here to assist you. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Unmatched Support, Your Success

We don't just provide products; we offer unwavering support. When you partner with PENTARM POOLS, you gain access to unparalleled assistance and resources to ensure your project's success. Your success is our success, and we're with you every step of the way.

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Toronto Fiberglass Pools: Your Gateway to High-Return Property Investment

Discover the gateway to high-return property investment with the installation of a fiberglass pool in Toronto. In a city as diverse as Toronto, where real estate values continue to soar, enhancing your property with a luxurious and low-maintenance fiberglass pool can be a strategic move.

Our fiberglass pools are engineered to withstand Toronto’s ever-changing weather, making them a valuable addition to your home throughout the year. Imagine the delight of having a pristine pool oasis in your own backyard, ready to be enjoyed during the warm summer months and providing a picturesque focal point in the spring and fall seasons.

Swimming pool construction not only boosts your property’s aesthetic appeal but also offers a fantastic return on investment. As Toronto’s real estate market flourishes, a well-maintained fiberglass pool can significantly increase the value of your home.

With minimal maintenance requirements, your pool investment continues to yield benefits, both in terms of personal enjoyment and property valuation. Dive into the world of PENTARM POOLS Fiberglass Pools and discover how we can transform your property into a valuable and enjoyable asset for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiberglass pools are an excellent choice for Toronto properties, prized for their low maintenance needs thanks to a smooth, non-porous surface that impedes debris accumulation. Their quick installation aligns well with Toronto’s brief summer, while their resilience and resistance to frost make them a reliable option. Offering a variety of designs and integrated features, fiberglass pools cater to the style and convenience preferences of Toronto homeowners.
Fiberglass pools in Toronto typically open from late April to early June, aligning with the warmer temperatures post-winter. The precise timing can fluctuate depending on local weather patterns and specific pool maintenance schedules, but this period is generally when residents gear up for late spring and summer enjoyment.
Our fiberglass pools stand out in the Toronto market through cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, ICC accreditation, and robust Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) construction technology. We also boast a selection of uniquely tiled pools for an upscale, distinctive look that elevates them above other options.
The cost of fiberglass pools in Toronto typically ranges from $35,000 to $90,000, influenced by factors such as dimensions, design, and added amenities. Additional features like waterfalls and custom decking can further affect the final price. For a precise quote, we recommend consulting with our authorized pool dealers in Toronto, who can tailor an estimate to your unique specifications and location.
Yes, you can use a fiberglass pool year-round in Toronto with an enclosure, but most residents prefer it during warmer months. Regular cleaning and water chemistry checks are essential, especially before winterizing the pool. Our authorized Toronto pool dealers can provide expert guidance on proper maintenance throughout the seasons.

Yes, we offer manufacturer warranties on our Toronto fibreglass pools. iGUi Fiberglass Pools have a 15-year structural warranty. For the warranty to be valid, the authorized dealer must follow the installation manual for the installation and guide/provide the customer with the use & care manual.

When it comes to financing or payment options for purchasing a fiberglass pool in Toronto, we don’t directly offer financing. Instead, you’ll need to inquire about financing options through our authorized dealers. They can provide information about available installment plans, financing through third-party lenders, or help you arrange custom payment schedules to suit your budget and preferences.

Certainly! After selecting your fiberglass pool model and ordering from one of our authorized Toronto dealers, the permit process will begin, followed by excavation, base preparation, and the delivery and installation of the pool. Subsequent steps include plumbing work, pouring the concrete beam, connecting equipment, and installing the coping. This efficient process typically takes about a week, ensuring a quick setup for your pool enjoyment.

Yes, there are typically regulations and permits required for installing any type of pool in Toronto. These regulations can include setback requirements, safety fencing, and other considerations to ensure the pool is installed safely and in compliance with local bylaws. Our authorized dealers are well-versed in the local regulations and will guide you through the permitting process to make it as smooth as possible.

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