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Indoor Fiberglass Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a great element that could significantly upgrade the look and value of a property. The outdoor swimming pool is much more standard. However, an indoor swimming pool is something that could distinguish a house from many other houses within the neighbourhood and make it standout.

Whether you are planning to live in your house for a long period of time or are planning to invest in a property and sell it over time, the benefits a house offers play a critical role in determining its overall value.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has exponentially increased the demand for home improvements. These have included a range of upgrades, such as home gyms, home offices and the most important being adding a swimming pool.

As more people worked from their homes due to the pandemic, they started to look around the house and look for ways that would allow them to upgrade the look of the house and make it more enjoyable. On the other hand, builders have also started to include features and upgrades in their newly built custom houses to satisfy the market’s needs.

This has increased the demand for both indoor and outdoor pools. Indoor pools are much more unique and have advantages that outdoor pools do not offer.

Homeowners and builders are always looking for solutions that would help them increase their social worth and increase their property’s value. One of the best ways to differentiate a house from other houses in the market is by offering unique, luxurious and fun add-ons.

But how?

With a stunning indoor swimming pool and surrounding area!

A swimming pool will change your life for the better and brings joy to your day-to-day lives. Why enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive vacation once every year or even every few years? With an inground indoor swimming pool, you can turn your house into the best staycation all year long. Even if you live in a country with harsh winters like Canada, you would be able to use the indoor swimming pool every dingle ay no matter how cold or warm the outside temperature is.

As the exclusive distributor of the world’s largest pool manufacturer in Canada, we recommend fiberglass swimming pools as the number one choice when it comes to indoor pools. After serving over 35,000 customers annually in over 52 countries for the past 27 years, we offer customers worldwide the best inground fiberglass swimming pools that are the ideal indoor pools. Click here to browse our inground fiberglass swimming pool designs.

Here Are a Few Benefits of Having An Indoor Swimming Pool

Accessible at Any Time Throughout the Year

You may always enjoy an indoor swimming pool no matter what month it is or what season it is. In the summer, both outdoor and indoor swimming pools may help you cool down and enjoy the beauty of summer, but indoor swimming pools are ideal for those who want to use their pool in the winter as well. If you are living in countries with harsh winters like Canada, an outdoor pool can only be used for half of the year. However, an indoor swimming pool can be used all year long.

Maintain a Healthy Year-Round Workout Routine

Swimming is beneficial not only to one’s physical health but also to one’s mental wellbeing. That is why luxury spas, hotels and even schools have purposely installed indoor swimming pools. The good news is that you can create a similar but even better and calmer environment at home by installing an indoor inground fiberglass swimming pool.

Enjoy Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Having an indoor pool will encourage the entire family and friends to come together and spend valuable time with one another. This will allow you to create memories that will last a lifetime. In the world that we live in, anything that gives us a reason to spend time with our loved ones is worth considering, especially if that thing is fun, beautiful and makes your house standout.

Excellent for Families with Children

Kids love playing and splashing in the water, especially if it is in their own house. Adding a pool will not only increase their enjoyment, but it will also help kids develop exceptional interpersonal and cognitive abilities, making them sharper and smarter. It is also a safe option as parents will be able to look over the kids while working out, reading, cooking and relaxing next to them without stepping outside the home. Our inground fiberglass swimming pools are ideal indoor pools for families with kids as they are designed with maximum safety and a flat bottom meeting the ICC standard.

Full Privacy

Just like outdoor pools, indoor pools can be installed in areas with limited space if planned properly. Indoor pools are ideal for those who prefer not to share a pool with strangers and prefer to spend their time alone in the privacy of their own pool. Unlike outdoor pools in backyards which may not have full privacy, indoor pools can have complete privacy making the swimming experience ideal for couples, kids and those who prefer a more quiet, relaxing and calming pool experience. An indoor pool is also easier and safer for those planning to swim late at night.

Best Choice for Individuals with a Sensitive Skin

An indoor pool is the best choice for individuals that cannot be exposed to sun and heat due to medical conditions and even for those who have sensitive skin. This minimizes the risk of being irritated after each time of jumping into the pool and lets you enjoy the pool. A fiberglass swimming pool is also the best choice for those with sensitive skin considering that it requires less chemicals for maintenance of the water.

De-Stressing and Relaxing

Our lives have gotten increasingly complicated, resulting in a wide spectrum of stress to deal with. With a simple dive and swim in your indoor pool, you can get rid of a lot of your issues and tension. You can even add elements like a pool heater or a hot tub to provide a hot water swim that will help you relax and swim away from your everyday stress. This will also help you significantly in getting a better night’s sleep. We also offer specifically designed fiberglass pools with a tanning ledge that are ideal for relaxation. You can grab a book and your favourite drink, start your day, or end your nights right in the pool.

Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance Costs

This is an important benefit of an indoor pool because an indoor swimming pool is not exposed to outdoor conditions such as dirt, debris, and dust, as much as an outdoor pool. Therefore, the total maintenance cost of pool water will be lower. In other words, you would not have to clean an indoor swimming pool as frequently as you would an outside one.

Host Memorable and Unique Parties

Installing an inground fiberglass swimming pool in your home will make it the most desirable place to be. Even if you and your guests aren’t swimming in the pool, having a party in the basement right next to the pool will take your party to another level with the pool view and a bar next to the pool. Pool parties are also a great way to invite people over and host memorable parties. You can talk to your pool dealer when choosing the ideal fiberglass swimming pool model regarding the other elements that you need so that your designer can plan it out from the beginning. These include a small gym area, bar, speakers, tv station, sauna, and etc.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Just like outdoor pools, indoor pools will instantly upgrade your house and make it more luxurious. However, it is very important how and where the pool is designed and placed. If everything is adequately planned with professional pool installers and designers, you would be able to differentiate your house from the rest of the houses in the market and benefit from the uniqueness when selling the house. It is much harder to put a price on the value of an indoor pool than an outdoor pool, making it better for you if you ever plan to sell your house.

Never Ending Enjoyment

A pool, in general, and a functional and quality investment, in particular, stand the test of time. A vacation may come to an end, but an indoor pool will continue to provide pleasant memories year after year. The pool will become a center piece of the family that could put smiles on your faces for generations. It is a reason for families to come together, invite others over, relax, and say goodbye to all the stress by jumping into the pool.


These were just a few of the benefits of having an indoor pool in your house. After reading this blog, we hope that you are probably more comfortable about having an indoor pool in your house. If you have any further questions or need advice on choosing the ideal indoor pool model for your house, please click here and get in touch with one of our experts with years of professional experience within the pool industry.

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