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Pros, Cons & Costs: Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

Hawaiian fiberglass pools are glamorous swimming pools that will uplift the look of any property. The allure of these oval pools is tough to resist. After all, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in a pool with a unique shape? The deep, rich blue and white  color of the water screams luxury. The smooth, shiny surface and edges are the epitome of the good looks of these pools. 


But what makes hawaiian fiberglass swimming pools so special? For starters, fiberglass is a much more durable material than alternative forms of swimming pools, such as vinyl and concrete. It’s also non-porous, absorbing much less dirt, grime, or other nasty contaminants. This makes fiberglass pools much easier to maintain and keep clean than other types of swimming pools.


The benefits of the beautiful Blue & White  Hawaiian fiberglass pools don’t stop there. There is a list of pros and cons that you must know about before installing the one in your house.


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Pros of A Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool

Hawaiian fiberglass swimming pools come in popular colors and sizes to suit any taste. Whether you want a classic blue or white  pool shell or a more exotic look with a white pool shell, you are surely able to find a fiberglass pool that’s perfect for your property. These pools are the perfect place to relax, party and enjoy yourselves. Whether you’re swimming laps or just floating around, you’re sure to have a great time with this stunning pool shape.

Hawaiian shaped pools are offered in a great range of sizes, ranging from as small as 11 feet 6 inches to 32 feet 10 inches. No matter how big or small your area is, we have models that would fit your property perfectly.

These luxury fiberglass pools are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These FRP pools have thermoplastics reinforcement bars, strengthening the entire pool shell throughout the installation and long-term usage.

Fiberglass pools require very little maintenance compared to alternatives, giving house owners the ability to allocate their time to more important and fun things. With proper and minimal chemical application and maintenance, the pool would be in a swim-ready condition at most times. They don’t need to be resurfaced like concrete pools and would not require regular liner replacement like vinyl pools.

Hawaiian fiberglass pools are among the energy-efficient types of pools on the market today. There are a few different factors that contribute to this.


First of all, Hawaiian oval fiberglass pools are made with materials that are highly resistant to heat loss. This means that less energy is required to maintain the pool at a comfortable temperature. In addition, the smooth surface of the pool surface helps to reduce evaporation. This also helps to keep the water temperature consistent, which further reduces the amount of energy required to heat the pool.


Another factor that makes Hawaiian fiberglass pools energy efficient is the fact that they are extremely easy. Because there are less crevices or nooks and crannies for dirt and debris to accumulate, the pool requires minimal chemicals to keep it looking its best. This also helps to reduce the amount of energy required to use the pool.

Fiberglass pools are non-porous, so they resist bacteria and algae growth. This makes them a safer choice for swimming, especially for kids and pets. In addition, our Hawaiian fiberglass pools are flat-bottom pools, making them safer for kids and fantastic for all sorts of family water activities and games.

These were some of the general and important benefits of Hawaiian fiberglass pools. Along with the pros, these fiberglass pools have their cons, just like any other product.

Cons of A Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool

Hawaiian fiberglass pools are not necessarily more expensive to install than rectangular pools but require more expertise to ensure a smooth installation. This is because of the shape of the pools, which does not have sharp and standard angles like a rectangular pool. However, all of our authorized dealers are experts and knowledgable in installing Hawaiian fiberglass pools without complications. 

If your goal is to install a swimming pool for yourself, the Hawaiian fiberglass pool is a great option due to its uniqueness and beautiful shape. However, if you intend to install a swimming pool with the purpose of selling your house, you might want to consider an option that looks appealing to everyone, such as a standard rectangular pool. 

Hawaiian fiberglass pools are designed for families, party lovers and pet lovers. For that reason, they are slightly more shallow than our other shapes, and therefore, it is essential to know for what purpose you will be using the pool. The Hawaiian fiberglass pools are great for households that have kids and want to be sure of their safety or want their pets to join them in the pool. In addition, the Hawaiian pools are fantastic for party lovers as it allows you to dance and play all over the pool without having to fight over the best part of the pool.

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