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Rectangular with Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Swimming Pool Collection

Are you looking for rectangular fiberglass pools with a tanning ledge in Canada? We have a variety of tanning ledge fiberglass pools in stock. iGUi has created a range of inground tanning ledge fiberglass pools that will meet any design expectation and fit any house, no matter how small or big it is. Currently, we offer 4 rectangular tanning ledge pool models.
Available in 29′ 6″
Light Blue and White
Waterline Porcelain Tiles
Full Width Tanning Area
Entry & Exit Steps
Flat Bottom Pool
15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What is a Tanning Ledge Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

The tanning ledge fiberglass pool shells consist of one-piece fiberglass construction shop-formed over a mold using a spray-up system. The material is a minimum of 1/8-inch thick (3.175mm), fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FPR), composed of gel coat-based NPG isophthalic polyester resin and fiberglass roving. The fiberglass tanning ledge pool surface finish is a high-quality gel coat along a full-width tanning area.


Santa Marta

29′ 6″ Long
11′ 6″ Wide
4′ 7″ Depth


Costa Esmeralda

32′ 10″ Long
14′ 9″ Wide
4′ 7″ Depth

Playa Del Carmen

23′ Long
10′ 10″ Wide
4′ 7″ Depth


16′ 5″ Long
7′ 7″ Wide
4′ 7″ Depth

Why Tanning Ledge Pools?

The demand for our tanning ledge fiberglass pools has exponentially grown over the past 20 years. We are among the only companies worldwide that offer tanning ledge fiberglass pools with waterline tiles. Newly, we have introduced our traditional rectangular tanning ledge line of fiberglass swimming pools to the North American market, including Canada and the United States. Our tanning ledge pools have all the advantages of our rectangular pools. They can be a great addition to the majority of the backyards due to variations in size and lack of curves and custom shapes. Tanning ledge pools are also an ideal option when comparing fibreglass pools with concrete and vinyl pools due to the exponential growth in the popularity of tanning ledges, flat bottom pools and the smoothness of a fiberglass gel coat in comparison to concrete and liners. In addition to all the similar advantages to rectangular pools, tanning ledge fiberglass pools also have a full-width tanning area and a full-width bench making the pool ideal for relaxation, family gatherings and parties. Our tanning ledge fiberglass pools also come with 6 different models and colours of waterline porcelain tiles. Our tanning ledge fibreglass pools are ideal if you are looking for a luxurious pool with a stunning, modern, and catchy look. The international pool industry’s top experts design all of our tanning ledge pool models to wow anyone, meeting all ICC standards. Our differentiating factors are high quality and smooth gel coat, full-width tanning area, porcelain waterline tiles, and availability of the most popular sizes to serve customers with a backyard of any size.

Benefits of Rectangular Fiberglass Pools with a Tanning Ledge

Swimming pools that have a tanning ledge are the ideal pool choice for households that care about entertainment, parties, gatherings and family get-togethers. A tanning ledge helps you connect your pool and outdoor living space together. Guests are not split into those who are in the pool and those who are not in the pool. Our tanning ledge fiberglass swimming pools are a great choice for anyone who plans to create memorable moments in and outside of the pool. The tanning ledge would be helpful for a range of activities. For example, you may place pool loungers on top of the pool shell in the tanning area for relaxing and tanning. You could place your pool table and ice bin to keep your drinks cool and close as possible. Our tanning ledge fiberglass pools will help you create lots of memorable moments!
Our tanning ledge fiberglass pools are a great luxurious addition to any household. Whether you are planning to have an indoor or outdoor pool, a tanning ledge pool will upgrade the look of your house from any viewpoint. We are among the only companies across the world that offer tanning ledge fiberglass pools with porcelain waterline tiles, differentiating the look of your pool fiberglass pool from all other standard swimming pools. The tiles we use in our pool are very dense and have a low water absorption rate, making them perfect for swimming pools. If you are looking for something unique and luxurious to make your house stand out, our tanning ledge fiberglass pools are the ideal choice.
Another advantage of having your own swimming pool is that it provides you with a private, comfortable spot to relax on your property. Nothing beats a soothing dive in the pool at the end of a long day. Also, time spent in the water has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, making day-to-day living simpler to manage and enhancing your overall sense of well-being. While you may achieve these with pools of different shapes and sizes, tanning ledge pools are particularly well suited to relaxing due to how easily large, comfortable seating areas can be designed in and around them. When you don’t feel like swimming, the rectangle fiberglass pool with tanning ledge is a great place to relax, feel the sun, and enjoy the water. Our tanning ledge fiberglass pools have helped tens of thousands of families around the world relax more often!
Choosing a family pool might be particularly challenging because you have a series of needs to consider. You’ll need a pool with enough area for the entire family to swim and play water games together. In addition, a shallow and safe area is ideal for small kids who are not yet comfortable swimming. Our fiberglass pools tanning ledge area have a depth of 11″, which allows your entire family to fully enjoy your pool, strengthening your bond and providing you with the ideal method to spend valuable time together. Safety is the most essential factor to consider when searching for a family pool. Tanning ledge fiberglass pools, once again, come out on top. Because its form is open, with no gloomy nooks or hidden areas, it’s much easier to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they’re having fun. Also, following ICC standards, all our pools are flat bottom making them the safest option for families. A level pool fence around a tanning ledge fiberglass pool is also much easier to build, making your pool installation easier.
When choosing your own fiberglass pool, keep in mind that the pool’s design must complement the aesthetic of your home. You’ll be able to create a cohesive and unified design for the entire property if you obtain a solid match of styles. It would make your house more stylish and offers the image of a well-maintained home, which appeals to potential buyers. You can increase the value of your home and get a higher resale value if you ever plan to sell. Some homeowners have strong opinions on pool shapes and may not want a standard pool. This is totally OK, as your pool should reflect your own interests and preferences like the rest of your property. On the other hand, the tanning ledge fiberglass pool is the rational option if you want a pool that will go with a wide range of architectural types. It features the clean lines and streamlined shape that modern homes demand while being classic enough to blend in with older homes. A tanning ledge fiberglass pool is really impossible to go wrong with.
When it comes to installing a fiberglass pool, landscaping is an essential factor to consider. How wonderful your pool looks once it’s finished, and the landscaping around the pool will significantly influence the final look of your backyard.  The first step is to determine the perfect spot for your pool. It must look attractive from both outside and inside the house. You’ll be looking at your pool for a long time, so make sure it has a pleasant view that will urge you to get outside and enjoy it fully. Our tannign ledge fibeglass pools have a rectangle shape, making the installation fast and easy. Since houses are mostly universally built on straight lines, a rectangle pool will look excellent whether it is installed close to the house or parallel to it at a distance. Furthermore, because a rectangle is a typical shape, it is easy to create an appealing design from all angles. Since you must equally consider other aspects of your outdoor lifestyle, your landscaping should make the best use of the remaining area in your backyard. This is easier to do with a rectangular pool since the standard shape makes it easier to plan the rest of your backyard design. If you want to add the most value to your home, you need attractive and functional landscaping. A tanning ledge fiberglass pool allows you to create a unified flow that is both functional and attractive, allowing you to experience an active and enjoyable life outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tanning ledge is a shallow area in the pool designed for lounging and sunbathing. It is similar to sun shelves, baja shelves, or tanning shelves.

The most popular size in the collection is also one of the most popular sizes worldwide. The Santa Marta, measuring 30 feet in length, offers a perfect balance of shallow water tanning ledge space and ample swimming area.

The Rectangular Tanning Ledge pool collection has a flat depth of 4 feet and 7 inches.

The capacity of a Rectangular Tanning Ledge pool depends on its intended use. The pool offers multiple features that cater to different activities, such as sitting on the full-width bench, swimming and lounging in the deeper end, or tanning and relaxing on the tanning ledge.

With proper installation and maintenance, a fiberglass pool can last for a minimum of 30 years. However, the lifespan depends on factors such as the quality of care, maintenance, and usage.

The manufacturer provides a 15-year structural warranty for the Rectangular Tanning Ledge pool from the date of installation.

Yes, the Rectangular Tanning Ledge fiberglass pool collection is highly durable. Our fiberglass pools are renowned for their strength and durability due to their FRP construction with thermoplastic reinforcement, which minimizes the possibility of cracks or leaks. Additionally, the gel-coated surface of the pool is non-porous, making it resistant to algae growth and staining that could compromise its durability.

Although our fiberglass pools are known for being low-maintenance, the Rectangular Tanning Ledge pool requires regular maintenance to extend its lifespan and maintain its appearance. This includes cleaning the pool walls, floors, and tanning ledge, balancing chemicals, and maintaining equipment.

Certainly, you can add a water heater to your Rectangular Tanning Ledge pool to extend the swimming season and enhance water comfort. In fact, in Canada, most pools are installed with pool heaters.

Yes, you can use a saltwater system in a rectangular fiberglass swimming pool. Fiberglass pools work well with saltwater systems because they have a non-porous, gel-coated surface that resists corrosion. However, you need to regularly monitor and adjust salt levels and use compatible equipment to prevent damage to certain components of the pool. We recommend consulting with your authorized dealer to ensure proper maintenance and equipment usage. Additionally, your pool contractor can confirm if saltwater systems are allowed in your area based on applicable regulations and laws.

Yes, you can add both lighting and jets to your rectangular fiberglass pool for aesthetic and safety purposes.

Fiberglass pools can be installed in most locations, but it is important to consider factors such as site accessibility, soil conditions, and pool permit requirements. We recommend consulting with your authorized dealer from PENTARM POOLS and local authorities before proceeding with the installation.