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8 Key Things To Remember While Choosing Fiberglass Pool Contractors!

Discover the best tips to help you find and choose the perfect fiberglass pool contractor for your project! Read our blog to learn more.

You’re ready to transform your backyard into the sanctuary of your dreams, complete with a bespoke fiberglass swimming pool and other fantastic features. However, building/installing a new pool is a big undertaking that will require a lot of your time, patience and, of course, money.

But, what is an important point to consider prior to even starting a pool project? 

The Fiberglass Pool Installer, also known as Authorized Dealers, Pool Contractors, Pool Builders and etc.

The point is that the team responsible for the installation and construction of your pools has a crucial impact on the overall experience, including the quality and ease of installation. As such, they play an integral role in determining the ultimate outcome — whether it be a positive or negative one.

Now, it might be a question for you “What should I look for in fiberglass pool contractors?”

Due to the complexity of the matter in question, there is no single answer which can be utilized to guarantee any unfortunate problems. However, based on our collective experience and expertise, we can provide you with a few tips which might be useful to you.

Finding the ideal fiberglass inground pool builder with experience, talent, and in-depth knowledge is crucial to the selection and installation of the pool of your desire without unfortunate setbacks or difficulties.

So, let’s begin!

Here is the list of 8 things to look for when choosing a contractor/installer for fiberglass pools in Canada.

Work with Fiberglass Pool Contractors that Are Authorized Installers of Reputable Brands

In order to ensure the utmost quality for your pool project, it is paramount that you select a pool contractor who is an authorized dealer/installer of a reputable brand. This designation serves as confirmation that the pool contractor has acquired the necessary qualifications and expertise through rigorous training and certification processes in order to install products from the brand with precision and reliability.

Furthermore, such certification implies that the contractor has access to technical support provided by the brand and is fully knowledgeable of any changes or updates made to their products.

PENTARM POOLS operates through a network of independently owned and operated AUTHORIZED DEALERS, who go through multiple qualification checkpoints in order to become certified and qualified for the installation of a fiberglass pool.

Pay Attention to Both their Experience & Passion

When selecting a fiberglass pool contractor, it is essential to take into account both their experience and passion. Experience denotes the knowledge and expertise of the contractor regarding the Pool installation process, while passion signifies the enthusiasm with which they approach their work. 

An ideal contractor should embody both qualities to ensure the job’s successful completion. Neglecting either of these two aspects could lead to negative results.

After passing the qualification checkpoint from a technical perspective, PENTARM POOLS sets high standards for all authorized dealers in terms of how passionately they start and finish a project.

Pool Contractors Must Be Insured & Certified

Note: Depending on the area, requirements may differ.

The installation of a fiberglass pool requires specialized knowledge and expertise, making it essential for the contractor to be insured and licensed. The presence of insurance and licensure helps to ensure that the contractor is trained in the proper techniques for handling fiberglass pools, as well as qualified to meet any legal requirements associated with the project. 

Moreover, in instances of damage or other issues arising during the installation process, an insured and licensed contractor can provide recourse and compensation to mitigate potential losses. PENTARM POOLS authorized dealers must be insured for the installation of fiberglass pools.

Craftsmanship Warranty

Preferably, consider a fiberglass pool contractor that offers a warranty on their work. Pool contractors who offer a warranty on their work are highly desirable, as they demonstrate a sense of self-assurance concerning the quality of their labour.

Such a warranty provides clients with the assurance that any issues or defects in craftsmanship that arise post-construction will be addressed and remediated by the contractor at no additional cost to the client. 

In the fiberglass pool installation industry, most manufacturers have a warranty that only covers the product (coverage varies among different brands), not the parts that are directly related to the pool contractor.

Reputation, Ratings, And Reviews

Ratings and reviews are a basic means of assessing the proficiency and calibre of pool contractors. These performance markers can provide potential customers with valuable insights into the quality of service they can anticipate, assess the overall competency of the contractor, and allow for more informed decisions about which contractor to choose. 

The effectiveness of this evaluative approach is largely dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of reviews, as well as the number of ratings received by any given contractor. However, ratings and reviews may not provide an accurate picture of said contractor’s skill set and experience. They may be relatively new to the industry, yet still possess a high degree of enthusiasm and passion for their profession. Thus, it is prudent to assess the contractor’s credentials along with other pertinent information in order to make an informed judgment.

PENTARM POOLS helps its authorized dealers throughout the process to fully support their customers and get a positive review, rating or referral from them. We would also be eager to discuss the professionalism and expertise of our authorized dealers with their customers as it increased the confidence of many home owners in the selection process.

Support Local Pool Contractors and Installers

Working with local pool contractors and installers can be highly advantageous, as it supports local businesses while simultaneously providing an abundance of convenience to the homeowner due to geographical proximity. 

By choosing to work with a local pool contractor, the customer can expect a higher level of quality service, as well as a more personalized experience. Additionally, the customer will benefit from shorter lead times and increased flexibility when selecting materials or making changes during the installation/construction.

PENTARM POOLS authorized dealers are selected based on geographic territories, and customers are referred to the closest authorized dealers in their area. This is to support local companies and also to ensure the customer is receiving exceptional service at the fastest possible time.

Pay Attention to the Quote & Contract Terms

It is essential to thoroughly inspect the contractual agreement and quotation in order to understand the responsibilities of the pool contractor and its adherence to a particular timeline.

 It is imperative that all the terms are analyzed in detail in order to ensure that all obligations are clearly understood and specific deadlines established. This will avoid any potential issues or misunderstandings that could arise due to inaccurate interpretations or expectations not being met. 

It is important to treat this as a high-value investment and seek professional advice when entering into any contractual obligations.

PENTARM POOLS highly encourages all homeowners to carefully review the terms and conditions of their pool contractor’s agreements prior to signing and/or making a deposit payment. Minimizing your stress by always asking your questions is essential to adhere to a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing stress. You should strive to address any questions or concerns that arise in a timely manner, as delaying the resolution of such issues may only exacerbate stress levels.

Review their Portfolio & Designs

In order to conduct an effective analysis of the pool contractor portfolio, it is necessary to review their design aesthetic, paying close attention to how they utilize fundamental principles of composition and visual balance. Through this process, you can gain an understanding of how their pieces cohere, as well as identify any areas that may be lacking in terms of creative expression. 

It is also important to consider the overall impact of the designs; for example, does the portfolio convey a sense of sophistication or modernity? Depending on your chosen pool model and property’s potential, the knowledge of your pool contractor about design is crucial.

In regards to this matter, PENTARM POOLS has both categories within its network: 1.) Professional Landscapers and Architects, 2.) Pool Installers. Depending on the complexity and requirements fo your projects, we are able to connect you to either or set you up with both in case you are looking for perfection and want to turn your backyard into a staycation and a memorable art piece.

Final Note

Choosing a pool contractor is often a daunting task due to the risk associated with making the wrong choice. However, while ensuring optimal results can never be guaranteed, exercising due diligence can reduce the chances of making an unfavourable decision. 

Due diligence entails taking appropriate measures to ensure that all relevant information and considerations are taken into account before any agreement is reached. This involves all of the points that we mentioned throughout this article. When selecting a pool company, it is important to ensure that they are reliable and have trustworthy authorized dealers and installers. 

Our step-by-step and strict qualification process has made the job of homeowners easier as all of our authorized dealers are professional to meet the highest of homeowners’ standards. Last but not least, it is also crucial to factor in one’s own feelings about a pool contractor. Does this person inspire confidence? Do you anticipate positive outcomes from working with them? Listening to your heart is as important as listening to your logic, considering that a pool is an investment that will stay with you and your family for many years.

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