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Top In-Ground Pool Models

Nothing beats a sunny day by the pool, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the unmistakable allure of crystal-clear water beckoning you to dive in.

When it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor oasis, there’s nothing quite like an elegant inground pool.

These aquatic marvels are not just pools; they are works of art, embodiments of luxury, and gateways to relaxation.

In the realm of inground swimming pools, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

From sleek, modern designs that seem to defy physics to tropical paradises reminiscent of far-off islands, these pools are limited only by your dreams.


Whether you’re seeking a serene escape, a family-friendly aquatic playground, or a chic statement piece for your home, these pool models offer plenty of inspiration.


So, let’s embark on a journey through the world of pool perfection, where we’ll introduce you to these remarkable creations, each a testament to the artistry and innovation of in-ground pool design.

1. Rectangular Fiberglass Pools:

The classic rectangular pool exudes timeless elegance.


Its clean lines and symmetrical design make it a favourite for those who appreciate a minimalist and sophisticated look.


A rectangular pool is not just a pool; it’s a statement of simplicity and style.

2. Mosaic Fiberglass Pools:

The mosaic-style fiberglass pools add an artistic touch to your backyard paradise.


Featuring intricate tile patterns and vibrant colors, these pools are a masterpiece in themselves.


They bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to your outdoor space, making every swim feel like a vacation.

3. Mosaic Pool with Built-in Spa:

Why settle for just a pool when you can have a spa as well? The mosaic-style pool with a built-in spa combines relaxation and aesthetics seamlessly.


It’s the perfect fusion of artistry and comfort, allowing you to unwind in style.

4. Rectangular Pool with Built-in Spa:

For those who appreciate the elegance of a rectangular pool but crave the luxury of a spa, the rectangular pool with a built-in spa offers the best of both worlds.


Dive into the clean lines of the pool and then slip into the warm embrace of the spa for ultimate relaxation.

5. Mosaic Pool with Tanning Ledge:

Enjoy basking in the sun while keeping cool in the water? That’s the charm of a mosaic-style pool with a tanning ledge.


These pools offer a perfect spot to lounge, read, or simply soak up the rays while staying refreshingly cool.

6. Rectangular Pool with Tanning Ledge:

The rectangular pool with a tanning ledge combines the sophistication of its shape with the practicality of a shallow sunbathing area.


It’s an inviting space for relaxation where you can enjoy the sun without having to take a plunge.

7. Roman Fiberglass Pools:

Embrace the grace of ancient Rome with a Roman-style fiberglass pool.

These pools feature curved ends and versatile sizing options, adding a touch of classical beauty to your backyard.

Roman pools are an embodiment of timeless elegance and can transport you to another era while also providing you with a clear understanding of what an inground swimming pool really costs when it comes to creating your personal oasis.

8. Hawaiian-Style Fiberglass Pools:

If you dream of the Hawaiian shores and the tranquility of the Pacific, a Hawaiian-style fiberglass pool might be your ideal choice.

These pools mimic the gradual slope of a beach entry, creating a tropical oasis in your own backyard.

Enjoy the sensation of wading into clear, inviting waters without ever leaving home.


Each of these fiberglass pool styles brings its unique charm to the world of in-ground pools. They are not just pools; they are expressions of your personality, taste, and lifestyle.

From expansive 33-foot pools to intimate 13-foot plunge pools, our range offers options to suit every space and preference, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Whether you seek the simplicity of a rectangular pool, the artistry of a mosaic design, or the luxury of a built-in spa, there’s a dream-worthy in-ground pool model waiting to transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility and beauty.

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