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What is a Fiberglass Swimming Pool? 

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We have made your job easier by providing you with useful information regarding fiberglass pools. As Canada’s leading distributor of fiberglass pools, we have a wealth of knowledge about all types of pools, especially fiberglass pools, today’s most popular type of pools in the North American market.


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What is a Fiberglass Pool?

The pool shell, which is the key structure of a fibreglass pool, is a single unit pre-engineered structure made out of fiberglass material. In comparison, other kinds of pools are constructed from a number of smaller components.


For example, a vinyl liner pool employs plastic or metal wall panels for side-wall support, concrete, grout or vermiculite for the floor’s stability, and a vinyl liner that is stretched over the walls and floors and vacuum-formed to form a seal. On the other hand, the walls and floor of concrete pools are constructed from an exterior cage of steel bars (rebar). This rebar is then covered with concrete for durability and beauty, which will be covered in plaster after the concrete sets.


A fiberglass pool is constructed from a reinforced fiberglass shell, covered by protective and aesthetic gel coats. The pool shell is manufactured at the manufacturing plants and assembled in one piece during installation. Millions of glass threads are woven together to make the fibreglass, which is then coated with a polyester resin (Gel-Coat). Fiberglass is a very durable material that is perfect for in-ground outdoor and indoor pools.

Why Choose Fiberglass Pools Over Other Types of Pools for Your Project?

Fast and Simple Installation

Fiberglass pools can be installed much faster than any other type of in-ground swimming pool. In fact, if you are dealing with reputable pool builders, you would be able to install a fiberglass pool in 3 days, which is awesome. As the pool shell is pre-built, it would be easily placed into the excavated hole and backfilled with proper plumbing in a matter of only a few days. On the other hand, a Vinyl pool can take weeks to be completed, and a custom concrete pool can take a few months to be completed.

Easy of Care

As a result of fiberglass’s exceptional durability and non-porous characteristics, fiberglass pools require the least maintenance in comparison to all other types of inground pools. Fiberglass pools hold on to the heat better, keeping the pool warmer and requiring less power from the heater. Conversely, because concrete pools are so porous, they require a lot more upkeep to maintain them tidy and attractive. Concrete pools are also much more prone to algae and require an acid wash and resurfacing every few years. Vinyl pools have similar issues to concrete pools, in addition to the fact that liners have to be replaced every few years.

Strength and Durability

Fiberglass is among the most durable and robust materials available in the market. That is why it is being used in very advanced industries to build high-quality products, such as Airplanes, Exotic Automobiles, Yachts, Tanks, Swimming Pools, etc. This makes your pool much more durable and less likely to be damaged.

Less Costly in the Long Term

In the past, fiberglass used to be slightly more expensive than vinyl liners when it came to initial costs. However, due to increased demand and production advancements, the initial costs of fiberglass and vinyl are no longer that different. However, the long-term costs of fiberglass pools are significantly lower than vinyl pools considering the affordability of regular maintenance and the lack of need for renewing the liners. Concrete pools are significantly more expensive than both fiberglass and vinyl pools both initially and in the long term.

Any Downsides to a Fiberglass Pool?

Since fiberglass pools are pre-built and sold in one piece, the pools cannot be customized according to your exact specifications. You would have to choose among the models that different manufacturers offer. The width and depth of fiberglass swimming pools are also more limited than vinyl and concrete pools. However, fiberglass pools are the ideal form of swimming pool for the majority of houses within the market as it addresses all their needs.

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